I Have a Problem …

It usually starts like this: “Oh, my gosh! I have the GREATEST idea EVER!!” It usually ends with a trip to stores to pick up supplies, and then nothing. Yeah, I either never start that fantastic project, or I do and then it doesn’t go as planned.

This one started with an idea for one of my wedding showers. I didn’t want a guest book, because let’s face it. What do you do with the book after the big day? It just sits in storage. I had a brilliant idea for everyone to sign a quilt block instead. I used black and white because those were my wedding colors. Five years later it’s finally finished. Well, at least it’s pieced. Now I have to find someone to quilt it.

2014-02-25 11.52.38

The quilt pattern is called “in and out.” The finished blocks measure 7-inches square. There are a total of 143 blocks. There are 13 rows of 11 blocks each.

There’s just something comforting about a homemade quilt. It make me feel loved when I’m sick or lonely … cherished after a bad day, and safe when I’m scared. I think it’s because my grandmother loved to quilt and they always make me think of her.


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