Hi, I’m Heidi! Welcome to my house.

By profession I’m a writer. No, not a cool, I’ve written a fantastic book that the grownups are discussing at their book clubs, writer. I’m a producer for a local TV station in Kansas City, MO. So, I’m an “I write a lot of copy for someone else to deliver to you” writer.

When it comes to airing my dirty laundry, here it is: After I married my husband in 2009 we “discovered” we were nearly $40,000 in debt. (How did that happen???) By the grace of God and Dave Ramsey we were able to pay it all off in less than 24 months. Now we’re working on paying off the house we bought in 2010.

Our big debt payoff evolved into a series of stories and TV coverage called “Fox 4 Cost Cutters.” So yes, I am one of “those” people … a couponer. I’m all about the nickel and dime philosophy. A.K.A every penny I save on the stuff I have to buy is a penny I can use on something I want to own or experience!

Here are a few other things about me:

I LOVE to travel! (As in I want to be a travel blogger and spend my time traveling the world. Or maybe publish a book full of fantastic pics that I’ve taken while globetrotting.) Of course, I don’t really know how to make that happen …

I also like the IDEA of being a DIY’er. As in, I can lose hours of my life on Pinterest and GREAT blogs like Mandi at vintagerevivals.com and Shelley and Cason over at thehouseofsmiths.com. They are sooooo good that it kinda makes me want to vomit (in a good way). And if there’s a designer out there who would like to spend a couple of hours at my house “doing your thing” to it, I’m game!

Speaking of games … I also LOVE watching sports. Well, at least the good ones. (hahahah!) NFL, NCAA Basketball, Royals Baseball. The Tour de France. And I LOVE napping to NASCAR. It’s a good thing that I married my husband. He loves sports too. I mean we’ve actually spent entire weekends on the couches watching nothing but sporting events. I guess it’s a sickness.

This blog is a little bit of everything I call my life!


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