Conquering the Cubicle

I am suffering from writer’s block. It’s a problem because I write for a living. I mean I write, like, 9 hours a day! (So you can see the problem.)
I this this may be a HUGE part of the issue:
I mean how am I supposed to be creative when I sit at that for 9 hours a day. That cubicle is D3. And no, I don’t mean 3D. I mean D3 as in D-cubed. Depressing, dark and disgusting!

Well, it’s about to change! I can’t wait to show you the reveal next week!


The Secret I’m Keeping from My Husband …

It’s time to clear the air, I guess.

I’m keeping a secret from my husband.  And it’s a pretty big one.  It has a lot to do with these pictures:


OK … it has EVERYTHING to do with that picture.  I want to welcome this FABLOUS hexagon wall into our home with open arms.  The problem?  He.  Will.  Have.  A.  Heart Attack!  Mandi over at may have blown my mind a little with this one.  She designed it for her daughter (how lucky is she???)  I want it to call me into my craft room and help me get back into my creative groove.  Ya know, like “Heidi Got Her Groove Back.”

Here’s the prob.  Right now THIS is what I have …


Yup .. in all of it’s glory.  Stacks of unfinished projects … mismatched curtains … no furniture.  Blech!!  I feel the life being sucked out of me every time I walk into the room.  Something’s gotta change in this one … and soon!