Conquering the Cubicle — Sneak Peek!

OK, so I didn’t get everything done that I hoped to this past week. But, I am making progress!
Here’s a sneak peek at one project that you’ll soon see hanging in my work space.
Here’s what you need to customize your own magnetic message board.
1 magnetic dry erase board (I paid $9.99 for this one at Target)
Spray paint
Painters Tape

I printed out a free chevron template that I found here.
Then I just cut it out and taped it to my dry erase board.
Now the hard part is done!
Just spray paint,
wait for the paint to dry, and remove your tape!
I can’t wait to show it all to you!


My Thumb is Getting a Little Greener

I’ve been feeling blah lately. Winter seemed to drag on FOREVER … and now that spring is here, I can’t seem to get out of my funk.

I finally made it to Home Depot the other day to browse the flower selection. But instead of finally picking up some color for the yard, I fell in love with several little succulents.

I brought them home and finally got around to planting them today. I found some great glass containers at Home Goods. Then I poured in some river rock …
then just added some potting soil.
It’s as easy as that!
What do you think of the little guys?
Meet “Hobbit”
“E.T.’s Fingers”
and “Pork and beans.”
I’ve never heard of succulents with these names. That intrigued me! I guess I choose my plants like I choose my wine … by the name on the label! 😉

Pillow Talk

I found our sofa and chair on Craigslist. I love them. There is no way I could have afforded them any other way. The couple selling them moved into a new house and didn’t have room for the fantastic pair. Their loss. Our HUGE gain.

There is only one problem with them. I HATE the pillows. I hate the trim. I hate that the trim doesn’t match anything else in our home.
2014-03-04 08.20.14

The problem is that the sofa and oversized chair are so deep that the pillows are a must.

At first I thought about ripping them apart and making new ones, but I couldn’t find a fabric that I liked. And I was being lazy. I didn’t want to deal with the mess. Then I ran across this great pin on Pinterest! Duh! Just make a case for the pillows. When I get tired of them, I’ll just make another cover.

Here’s what I came up with … what do you think? I’m still trying to come up with an idea for the other four pillows I have.
2014-03-03 12.48.222014-03-03 13.42.07

And then I finally got around to cutting down a cover I picked up at Ikea on a recent trip.

2014-03-03 13.53.11